Tapestri Super Saturday

Tapestri Super Saturday

Tapestri can make YOUR dreams a reality! Here is the email I received (notes from me in red italics) about this exciting opportunity for everyone to generate a recurring income at absolutely no cost, FREE, NADA, ZILCH!

Hello Graham,

Would you mind sharing this information with your Tapestri Affiliate team? We are fast approaching the app launch as we are wrapping up a very successful beta test. (NOTE: I was supposed to be involved as a tester but did not get the app so cannot comment on its uses)

The go-live launch date in the USA will be announced with a minimum of 72-hour notice to all affiliates before the official launch. The Founders Promo of $9.95 remains active until the day the app is officially launched. (Grab this now while you can at $9.95 for 13 months!)

We are very close, so be sure to follow up with all inactive affiliates and prospect affiliates and give them one more opportunity to become a Founding member and get 12 months admin fees waived by activating BEFORE the app goes live.

For inactive Affiliates, please go to https://tapestri.io/member/login to complete enrollment.

The Power Of 7 This Saturday: To assist all affiliates in the final days of pre-launch, we have a Super Saturday like none other. Seven of our top Global Affiliates present Tapestri this Saturday, 8/28/21. Invite anyone to attend these live Tapestri presentations.


If you have any questions about this information, please send email to support@tapestri.io.

NOTE: If you submit a support ticket, your response will be through the support system in your Tapestri backoffice.

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  • Please note that at inception of TAPESTRI, I had without any hesitation had joined under lauranfram@gmail.com and contribute every year. I received some notifications from you some days back on my iPhone
    Unfortunately I could not transfer my email Address (ramm.r@icloud.com) to my new iPad and hence had to register new email which is prmaratha@icloud.com. I shall be most pleased if you could kindly change my email to prmaratha@icloud.com
    Thanking you very much in anticipation thereof.
    Yours Sincerely
    P Maratha

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