Tapestri Beta Launch

Tapestri Beta Launch

BETA TEST: If you are a USA affiliate we invite you to submit the beta test form.

  • CLICK HERE and fill out this form.
  • All Global Affiliates are invited to the beta test.
  • The first 150 USA Super Affiliates will be included in the beta test.
  • The next 50-100 USA affiliates who submit this form will be added to the beta.


This is a test of the app itself; during this time no one will earn on their data, no commissions will be paid during beta and the ability to send invites will function BUT those who click on the invite will not be able to install the app because it is not live in the app store during this beta test. 

  • Beta testers will be notified by email Monday 8/9/2021 of the next steps they need to take to participate. You will be required to take these steps to participate.
  • The beta starts on Monday 8/9/2021 and will run for 7 straight days.
  • After the 7 day beta test run, the go-live app launch date in the USA will be announced with a minimum 72 hour notice to all affiliates globally before official launch.
  • The Founders Promo of $9.95 is still active until the day the app is launched.
  • Now is the time to follow up with all of your inactive affiliates before the Founders Promo ends.

If you have any questions about this information please send email to support@tapestri.io. We appreciate your participation and look forward to a successful beta!

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