Simple Income

Simple Income

Please note that since setting up this page I have learned that the initial cost is $500 + $1,500 for a $100,000 account and $1,000 + $2,000 for a $200,000 account. I believe that everything else is currently correct. (24/04/23)

Affiliate accounts are FREE and pay 20% on personal sales and 10% on sales made by affiliates that you refer.

Today I want to introduce a completely new way of earning that is different to everything that we are currently involved with.
When you diversify, you must also consider the METHOD of income generation for everything that you are involved with. To be truly diversified, each of these methods should ideally be different.
This opportunity is called INCOMATION and it involves the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to exploit the prop firm niche and essentially DO EVERYTHING for you. This allows you to make a passive residual income essentially on autopilot.

Before you judge or make a hasty decision, it is always prudent to take the time to UNDERSTAND the opportunity in full.
This is why I take my time to provide as much information as possible so that you can make an informed decision.

Your job is to READ and UNDERSTAND and then DECIDE if this is right for you or not.

Please read this page in its entirety and thereafter, if you decide that this is for you, my advice would be to act quickly as the price for participation is set to increase soon.


Prop firms have been around for a while but have become increasingly more popular, more prevalent and more accessible since 2020.

A prop firm provides ANYONE, who shows that they can trade successfully, with significant sums of money to trade the markets and so make much more money.
You do this by paying the prop firm to complete a CHALLENGE (usually about $500 ).
The challenege comprises of two phases and requires that you earn a certain amount of profit in a certain space of time without losing a certain amount of money while doing so. A test to see if you are worth investing in.

Now imagine passing one of these challenges and being provided with a fully funded 200K account (real money) to trade and anything you earn, you split with the prop firm (usually 80% for you and 20% for the firm). If you lose, the prop firm stands the loss.
Honestly, when I first heard of this several years ago, I said to myself that this had to be some sort of gimmick UNTIL I understood it better.
Firstly, you cannot get access to the funded account until/unless you pass the challenge that the firm provides. This usually entails making a certain profit but if your account goes into drawdown by say 5% (the conditions vary per firm so this is just an example), then you fail the challenge and lose the funds you paid to take the challenge.
95% of the people who take these challenges are clueless about trading and simply looking for some way to make money so they lose these challeneges and the prop firms enjoy these earnings.
Secondly, for the 5% who do pass and are funded, one of the stipulations would always be that if you lose more than 5% (again this is an average as the value varies) on any given day, the prop firm takes away the funded acccount from you. SO, in essence, even though they do genuinely provide you with say 200K of real m0ney (in this example) to trade, they are really only ever risking 5K in the deal and their full 200K is never on the line.

Lastly, many of the firms hedge their bets (bet against you) so that when the 95% of the people fail, the prop firms win 95% of the time.
All this to say that prop firms know EXACTLY what they are doing and they make a KILLING from what they do.

So why are we discussing this?
If there was a way to pass these prop firm challenges and NOT ONLY get funded with 100K, 200K, even up to 1 million BUT ALSO to have someone or something trade these real accounts for us and make a consistent monthly profit without us doing anything or even needing to know anything about trading, wouldn’t that be something?

This is exactly what I have found in INCOMATION so listen up as this is serious when you understand what is on offer here.

– You pay for a challenge from a designated prop firm (we are using one right now but two more are being introduced).
The cost is $1,500 to vie for a $100,000 funded account or $2,000 to vie for a $200,000 funded account.
You pay Incomation to use their high frequency trading (HFT) trading bot that currently has a 100% pass rate to pass the complete challenge for you for the funded account.

– You provide Incomation with your funded account details that the prop firm provides you so that they can trade the account on your behalf to pass both phases . This takes 10 days and though they have never failed to date, if they do fail the challenge, they refund you $1000/$1500 of the fee that you paid them. The Prop firm keeps the $500 balance.
– Once the challenge is passed, the prop firm gives you the details of the 100k/200K fully funded and legitimate account for you to start trading. You then pass these details to Incomation who use a second bot that has been tried and proven now for 10 years that was specifically designed and optimized for CONSISTENT CONSERVATIVE trading within the parameters/rules of the prop firm and this ekes out for you anywhere from 2-4% a month, sometimes more.
– The bot has been designed and crafted to always cut any possible losses before the prop firm’s 5% drawdown rule so that you never lose the funded account after you get it. If we use an average of 3% a month on a 100K/200K account, that’s $3,000/$6,000 a month.
– Let’s consider the 200K account. You split this $6,000 with the prop firm in the ratio 80/20 so you get $4,800 and he prop firm gets $1,200 of your trading efforts/ability.
– You did nothing…lol..and it was the efforts/ability of Incomation and their bots so the agreement is to then split your share 50/50 with Incomation for use of their AI software and time in earning you this amount.

– You pay Incomation $2,400 and you keep $2,400 for the month.
-The prop firm gets $1,200 off of your trading, you get $2,400 for doing nothing but using the service of Incomation and Incomation gets $2,400 for providing said service. Everyone’s happy as it is a win-win-win.

– You have the ability to perform 3 x 200K challenges with this particular prop firm (maximum funded accounts of 600K). With the two new prop firms coming on board this adds another 300K in total funded accounts (900K and counting).

-Incomation will soon be it’s own prop firm and this is going to EXPLODE this opportunity and make it SUPER SAFE.
– If you like the experience and you are earning exactly as indicated above, then if you share with others, incomation will pay you 20% out of their 50% share. So you open up an additional income stream on top of what you are currently earning with your account. This is not needed however in order for you to earn.

– This happens month after month AS LONG AS the 5% drawdown in any given day is not hit. It should never happen as the bot that trades the actual funded account has been optimized to never allow for this to happen. IF it ever did happen however, all it means is that you lose the fudned account and then you have to do a challenge all over again to get a new funded account and the party begins again.

Starting to make sense?

-Total cost to get started is $1,500 – $2,000

– P.ayment could be via credit card /Paypal etc. so no need for crypto (which is also an option by the way).
– This is a real opportunity and as transparent as it comes. The prop firm is real, the funded account that you get is real, the income generated is real and the splits and final profit for you is real.

– You can make an initial investment ($1,500 – $2,000) once and potentially earn $1,200-$2,400 every month residually without any additional out of pocket expense.

-You have a back office to monitor all that takes place.
-You can scale this up to potentially over a million in funded accounts with the new prop firms that are coming on stream soon.

-Totally passive and hands free as you do nothing. You pay for the challenge but you never actually trade. You pay for the account to be traded on your behalf using tried, tested and sophisticated AI technology.

-Share with others and earn additional RESIDUAL income month after month.

Like what you hear?

This is low risks but for the sake of completeness, let’s discuss ANY/ALL potential risks while we are at it.

-There is a risk that Incomation does not pass the challenge. So far they are 100% with this and we are talking about High Frequency Trading (HFT) that is being employed (which is a sort of arbitrage) and is considered very low risk BUT, it could happen.

If it does, Incomation refunds you the fee you paid them to pass the challenge but you would lose the $500 paid to the prop firm.

– There is always a risk that the prop firm itself does a runner or never pays.

Next Step Funded is associated with a very regulated Australian brokerage so highly unlikely that they will mess with people’s funds but for completeness, it could be possible.
To overcome this however, Incomation have indicated that within the next few weeks they themselves would become their own prop firm (they are in final talks with various liquidity providers etc.) so this would totally eliminate this risk.
– There is a risk that once Incomation passes the challenge, when they start using their other consistent conservative bot that it loses more than 5% of the account in a day and you lose the account.
Incomation has already indicated that for them to have even brought this to market, they KNOW that their bots can both pass the challenge and stay within guidelines to earn a monthly income on the funded accounts. If you think about it, they have no business unless this happens as, for them to earn, we must earn.


If a member of WSA please use the Multiple Income Streams in your dashboard for the correct link.


If a member of WSA please use the Multiple Income Streams in your dashboard for the correct link.


I am not a financial advisor and none of this is financial advice. I am just highlighting what I am involved with and providing INFORMATION for you to be able to make an informed decision as to whether or not you would like to do it too.

Always DYOR and always remember that everything online is a risk and that you should only risk funds that you are prepared to lose.

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