Passive Income

Passive Income

This new opportunity has attracted over 21,000 affiliates from around the world and is growing viral!

The reason is simple – It’s a no brainer offer!

You get paid upto 15 % a month by simply holding your crypto assets in this wallet paid out in HODL tokens which have instant liquidity and also your principle is liquid at all times…

Similar concepts like this have seen their tokens do 20x to 100x like plus token, S block and many others!

I recommend this as a great offer for the next 180 days because I believe in early entry early exit!

The best part: you even get free $10 in your trading bot just to create your FREE account.

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It’s easy and highly profitable

God bless,
P.S. Here are some key questions answered related to HODL token wallet…..

  1.  Participants will earn HODL Tokens (daily) and this will be based on daily trading volumes.

  2.  Hydra (HODL Trading Robot) will trade for each participant 24 hours immediately after signup (from launch), to enable earning up to 15% ROI monthly – Averaging about 12%;

  3.  For example, for $10 investment, a participant will get about $1.5 worth of Hydra (or 3 Hydra Tokens) in a month divided by 30 to get about 0.3/day;

  4.  At launch, HODL Token price will start from $0.50; and the price will progressively go up after launch;

  5.  Everyone needs minimum of $500 crypto assets in BTC/ETH to be ready on launch in order to participate in referral program earnings (this does not apply to trading package ROIs)

  6.  All compensation plan matching/rewards payment are made daily;

  7.  On matching bonus, lets say that someone puts $10k, he gets $1,500 worth of HODL tokens which are liquid from day one to BTC. His sponsor gets 100% matching. So they also get $1,500 worth of HODL tokens or $50/day which at $0.50 price is 100 HODL a day!

  8.  Level 2 gets 50% which is 50 HODL a day and then 5% for each level till 21 levels deep. So 2.5 HODL a day through 21 levels.

  9.  To open levels, a participant needs to sponsor $500 accounts;

  10.  Level 1 by default …then with every $500 account sponsored an additional level opens.

  11.  So 2 directs produce 2 level income; 10 directs produce 10 level income. 15 directs at $500 gives 15 levels. When someone sponsors 16th direct, 21 levels open;

  12.  After launch price of HODL TOKEN will increase every hour as people will start transferring HODL TOKEN between each other and company burns HODL Tokens earned in transfer fees and hence increasing the price of HODL every hour.

  13.  Price of HODL at any point in time will depend on funds in trading, number of HODL being cashed out daily, etc. – More people HODL, more price increase, more people sell price goes down per demand and supply.

  14.  Its hoped though that we should be able to see the price go up 20x to 50x in next 12 months.

  15.  Based on ecosystem and plans, people can deposit/start with any amount from $10 up.

  16.  However, if anyone wants referral commissions/team commissions, the person must have a minimum of $500 in Hydra Bot. This is basic, and also their referrals $500 or more to open levels; do what you can to start with $500 or more but the important thing is to get started – you can always add and build your deposit as you go!

  17.  Below that, anyone can still make 15% a month passive income, plus multipliers on HODL;

  18.  Please note also that since your $10 signup bonus is given free, it cannot be withdrawn. Rather it will be added to capital of each subscriber, but it does earn daily tokens and mine has already started and paid out twice.

  19.  HODL Tokens can be withdrawn anytime provided participant has minimum of $10 balance;

  20.  Any new capital/earnings, can be withdrawn instantly. However, if withdrawal is to be made before 30 days, there will be 10% loss/deduction but if after 30 days, no loss/deduction;

  21.  Lets say someone deposits $1,000 and after 7 days changes mind to withdraw the $1,000, only $900 will be returned to the person, and 10% of the money will be withheld in the system;

  22.  But if the withdrawal is after 30 days, then 10% deduction will not apply;

  23.  So with HODL system, your principle is not locked up. It is always liquid.

  24.  Part of the reasons for this is because our goal is to empower people, not to enslave or exploit them. Just go make money with HODL!

  25.  Investment deposits start only after launch which is in 3 weeks from now.  Purchases (from the lowest package $10) will be made directly from your Backoffice then ONLY – Please don’t fall for any payment SCAM.

  26.  All you need to do now is to just build your team;

  27.  Please endeavour to go through HODL whitepaper and business plan at your backoffice dasboard page, and EXPLORE FULLY the main and sub-menus.

READ CAREFULLY to understand the difference between HODL Token and other projects you know.
The above points are numbered deliberately for easy reference, to guide your questions.
Our Admin team is here to provide help when needed.
I wish you EXCITING experience with HODL Wallet Token Business!
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