Passive Income Starter Plan To Be Used With CAUTION!

Passive Income Starter Plan To Be Used With CAUTION!

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The 2 lower contracts appear to be safe because they use them as bait  to SCAM people who get into the higher contracts. You may wish to take advantage of the 2 lower options or totally ignore this plan but DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF TRUSTING THEM!

My withdrawal of  ₿0.00110661 requested 8th March has not been paid and is showing as pending – BEWARE!

Joined Feb 25 2023 – Invested $47 Feb 26 2023 – Invested $350 Feb 28 2023 – Total Invested $397
Withdrawn successfully from March 1st 2023 to today March 31, 2023 – Total $982.83 – IN PROFIT $585.83 (includes some referral commissions)

Note that a member has reported that his withdrawal on March 7th. is showing as pending, although my withdrawals every day have gone through quickly as usual.  His exact comments are,“I’m still awaiting payment, today’s request was just added to the pending amount!”

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4 thoughts on “Passive Income Starter Plan To Be Used With CAUTION!”

  • I did the mining on bitcoin scheme and it seems that once you get a significant amount in your account they block your account by saying that you have to reverify your account. You have to do this by redepositing the full amount of the scheme that you are paying into. I fell into the trap of this,
    After this happened to me I searched it on the internet and apparently it has happened to others too.
    Be careful !!!

    • Like Phil,I have been caught by a demand to verify by re-funding. Whilst that was another scheme the principle holds good- as you say Graham ,we need to be aware of the risk and manage it.

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