Making Money Online – The Easy Way

Making Money Online – The Easy Way
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I recommend that when selecting option 2 you first watch the option 1 (FREE) Video

Today I want to show you a way that the big investors make millions!

Its all about VENTURE CAPITAL which is usually restricted to a privileged few and involves a massive investment; but there is now a way that anyone can profit from this lucrative money maker.
This is a revolutionary plan put together by my friend Tich and everyone makes a profit.
I know you’ll be saying to yourself that you’ve heard it all before but don’t leave until you check it out and see just how different this is!
Simply put this is an opportunity for 2 types of people.

  1. Those who want to recruit others and make a massive income – the aim is to create 100 millionaires this year!

  2. Those who don’t like to recruit and yet want to make more money that is guaranteed and requires no effort.

I can;t think of anyone who does not fit into one of these categories – so this is for you!

Lets deal with the majority of people first, those in group 2 who don’t think they can recruit  but still want to make money…

This involves the chance to earn from the efforts of one of the most brilliant marketers I know.

He makes money hand over fist and the more he has to invest the more he makes, so he is willing to accept investments and pay a guaranteed income monthly.

This is a venture capital investment and where the most money is made by the big banks and the Warren Buffets of this world!

It is free to join, you can start investing with as little as $100 and make 20% a month. Each month you are paid out in full including your investment, so if you invest $100 today you get paid out $120 the first Friday after completing 30 days.

You can then invest again as much as you wish, the same $100 or the full $120 or, maybe now you see this working, you want to invest $1,000 or more.

20% a month is good in fact its better than good! I had someone call me the other day from Florida with a proposition to invest in real estate and get 13% a month with a minimum investment of $50,000 and she was amazed when I turned her down!

But 30% or 40% a month is even better and that is also available.

However, there are membership fees connected to the higher interest rates so from a pure investment point of view unless you are planning to invest £1,215 or more the 30% option is not viable.

If you have $1,215 or more to invest then I recommend option 2 for 30% a month and if you have $4,000 or more to invest then I recommend option 3 for 40% a month. 

Before I move on you will also earn 5% on any investments made by anyone you refer. So when someone asks you how you are making all this cash you just say “from venture capital investment and you can join me here.” Then you give them your affiliate link and leave it up to them. If they make an investment you get 5% of that investment and as most people invest larger sums every month you make that as recurring and increasing income!

If you are in group 1 above and want the millionaire opportunity and are going to recruit others then you should definitely be looking as a minimum at the 30% membership, which is $297 and $75 a month, because you earn on sales you make and recurring commissions on the monthly fees.

You are also paid through a 2 tier plan and in addition have commissions passed up to you from unqualified member referrals. So if a FREE member in your downline refers someone who upgrades you get the sales commissions because you are qualified and they are not!

If you’re a really ambitious person or a “big hitter” then you want to upgrade from 30% to 40% for a once only $997 and here you can make much bigger commissions on your sales.

I should add that the upgrades are not just for the extra investment income but include many other great value products to help you make your dream income. In fact the products would sell on their own even without the investment opportunity!

So there you have it with options to join at 3 levels:

  • Option 1 FREE;

  • Option 2 $297 and then $75 a month;

  • Option 3 is an upgrade from option 2 for an additional $997.

AND there are webinars like this to make sales for you even if you are a FREE member (remember you get 5% of any investments made and that can add up big time)
Register For The Webinar Now

All you need do now is pick your level and start earning money TODAY!

NOTE: For option 3 select option 2 and then contact support to request an upgrade to option 3

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