Making Money Online – The Bitcoin Revolution

Making Money Online – The Bitcoin Revolution
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When I first heard about Bitcoin they were under $15 each and because I didn’t understand them I ignored them!

Last November (2016) I was tempted to join an opportunity that offered to add Bitcoin to the members via mining and at that time I bought at about $700

Frankly I still didn’t understand Bitcoin but I knew they had passed the test of time and that hundreds of thousands of businesses were accepting them as payment for products and services including many Fortune 500 companies.

So I thought if its good enough for them its good enough for me!

I have not been hanging onto my Bitcoin as an investment which is  pity because as I am posting this on my blog they are over $1500!

So what can you do with Bitcoin?

  • Spend them

  • Change them for any currency

  • Hang on to them and watch them grow

  • or use them to create a fast growing nest egg!

The last item here is what I want to really talk about because there have been a huge number of opportunities that have sprung up for Bitcoin.

The trouble is most of them like all other new opportunities wont last! The one I joined last November disappeared in January owing me almost $5,000 so I am going back to only dealing with people I know and trust!

There are 2 great opportunities that fit into this profile and both are new and exploding!

Better still they are both free to join and you can make money – big money with one – without ever spending a dime!

The first and my favorite is the Freedom Formula and its run by my good friend, Tich, who is a self made Internet Millionaire. Not bad for someone who started out with $0 and couldn’t even speak English!

He operates a venture capital investment plan that can pay you a whopping 40%  a month interest and even as a free member will pay you 20%!

To just put that in perspective if you invest and re-invest each month. There is no automatic re-investment, you are paid out in full every 30 days.

  • $1,000 at 20% will return $8,917.10 in just 12 months plus any increase in Bitcoin value.

  • $1,000 at 30% will return $23,298.10 in just 12 months plus any increase in Bitcoin value.

  • $1,000 at 40% will return $56,693.90 in just 12 months plus any increase in Bitcoin value.

The minimum Investment is just $100 so its affordable for almost anyone.

To get to the 30% level requires a membership for an initial $297 followed by $75 a month so if you have over $1,000 to invest this makes good sense.

To get to the 40% level requires an additional upgrade for a once only $997 so makes good sense if you have the cash to put in; after all $56,000 is better than $8,900 in your bank account 12 months from now.

But the great thing about this plan is that you make 5% on the investments of anyone you refer, even as a free member!

Introduce 10 people who invest $1,000 each and you make $500 for helping them find the best place for their money.

And if they are wise and re-invest as most do then you make that each month PLUS the increased amount they are investing so month 2 will be $600 if they are all only at the 20% level!

Its really great because you get a 20% pay rise every month, or even 30% or 40%!

As I said its free and you don’t need to invest to earn commissions so what are you waiting for?

Grab it now, its step 1 in my FREE “Money Magic” System that will help you make even more money, so click here now

The other system has been put together by Jeff Long and its a matrix based gifting platform once again free to join and it will have tasks you can complete to make money without any investment.

But the real cash is in the matrix which will cost you $20. I suggest you join free and then you can decide if you want to get the payments made directly to you or not. Its only been open a few weeks and already has well over 1,000 members. I am finding that about 16% opt for the $20 investment. Check it out here

You owe it to yourself to join the Bitcoin Revolution today. The longer you delay the longer you will be missing out on the currency that is going to take over in the next decade and set to keep rising in value faster that any other commodity.

You don’t need to understand how it works – you just need to grab it and use it!

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