Make Money Online – The Myths And The Truth

Make Money Online – The Myths And The Truth

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wantsuccessIf you really want success I will show you how you can guarantee it if you read this article to the end!

It is a well documented fact that most people struggle when they try to build an MLM business or any Online Business model.

In fact over 90% fail to ever get into a regular profit situation.

I know these facts are true and accurate because I have been in MLM since the 1980’s and a top producer in 3 different companies. I’ve even started (and sold) my own MLM businesses and I have tracked the success/failure rates carefully.

In addition I have made money online, and taught others to make money online, in almost every conceivable way since 1998.

I have analysed what the winners do and why so many fail and its not because they quit too soon, or don’t follow instructions.

I’ve seen people follow the instructions for 2 or 3 years religiously and never make a profit – some never make even 1 sale or sponsor 1 person!

I’m quite curious what you think about this…

For 3 decades now, I’ve helped people reach a full time living working from home and starting from scratch. Through all this coaching I’ve done with countless numbers of people… I BELIEVE the number one reason people fail is “their mindset or belief systems” is not dialed-in for achievement….and it’s NOT the systems or strategies or methods. 

That is what I believe after thousands of customers/clients in this community and 30 years of 1 on 1’s. 

Do you agree?mindset

  1. Are you in the camp that believes “mindset is most important and that’s the reason people fail or succeed?”

  2. Or are you in the camp that it’s a lack of “systems or formulas or methods” that people need to succeed?

Which one above?

Well, to me, there’s no question… no doubt about it… and it’s not even a close debate. It’s more like this: 

  1. 98% fail because of the wrong mindsets and belief systems

  2. 2% fail because of a lack of “systems or formulas or methods”

Let me put it this way… there are TONS of people in this community online who KNOW everything! They have more skills and abilities and “knowledge” than I do. They know all the gurus up and down… they know the latest traffic platforms, trends and breaking news in the market.

YET… they don’t make squat online at all. WHY?

Well, because they don’t even know why. They are in denial. They don’t know or realize it’s THEM. They think they’ve read all the books, listened to all the tapes, bought all the products, gone to all the seminars, yet they earn SQUAT online. Why?

I know why.

Let me give you a real life example of WHY.

I recently inquired about a service and asked the owner how much he charges for that service. I said, “Is it going to be like a thousand or how much does something like that run for my company?”

He said, “Oh gosh no, not 1k, no way… lol… gosh… it’s closer to maybe two hundred… but no way a grand… lol, don’t worry about that.”

I thought…

“There’s WHY, right there. That’s the difference between earning massively… and just paying the bills and getting by”

Listen… most of those heavy earners are not that different from YOU. I’ve seen plenty of people go from rags to riches once they “got it” and broke through. I know what it takes and I KNOW how to help YOU break through these barriers.

I’m curious though…

If I set up a six week to eight week program to coach people 1on1 on how to bust through these mindset barriers and self-limiting beliefs, is that something you’d be interested in at all? I really am curious.

If this is something you’d be interested in… or if you know someone who’d be interested in this… let me know. If there’s enough interest, I’d LOVE-LOVE-LOVE to do this.

But linked to this there has to be a way to PROVE to your subconscious that you are worth the income you desire. The only way to do that is to get you making money, real money,

I’m not talking about silly team building plans like the one popular at the moment by a weight loss company. 

I’m talking REAL money. $1,000, $5,000 or even more in your first month! 

The only way to salescall_teamdo that is to completely take you out of the equation and make sales for you proving the system works and that you CAN make that kind of income.

I have spent 25 years and well over $100,000 to put together a process that guarantees success for ANYONE and EVERYONE! We have a professional call centre that actually makes sales for you and you keep all the commissions.

Add this to an intensive mindset training and your belief systems will shoot through the roof taking your income with them.

Please let me know if interested by simply clicking here and understand that you are not going to get all this and GUARANTEED results for $100!

I don’t think there has been even ONE client of mine who has succeeded greatly without us working on MINDSET and their limiting-self-beliefs along the journey to riches.    I think this mindset and self-belief, etc. is the CORE reason why.

It’s everything! 

If you can’t afford this you MUST buy it!
Or how will you ever get out of the poverty trap?
It’s a “100% Done For You” service. 
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I have a program that will never cost you more than $7 a month out of your pocket and will auto promote any business you choose whilst making you a large income.

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Sound impossible?

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In our successful team, working with our community of people and being surrounded by people who are excited to see YOU succeed, ANYONE, who decides to make it happen, can succeed with us. Just follow these simple 3 steps:

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