Jeff Long – Beware Of This Scammer.

Jeff Long – Beware Of This Scammer.

Smooth talk is this mans stock in trade – don’t believe him! It will cost you money.

He starts new programs regularly and none pay out!

Put in a support ticket asking where your cash is and, IF you get a response, this is the type of answer you’ll receive (I only got a response because I posted on his Facebook Timeline, warning others)….

“Ive been ignoring you now for a few weeks. You lost the ability to communicate with me the way you had been because you’re a huge pain in the ass and one of the most negative people and I don’t want that in my life. You’re now blocked on Facebook too for your little “warning” post on my timeline lol are we 14?”  

My negativity was in pointing out I had not been paid!

From a couple of people also suffering…

“Yes, Jeff Long has taken money from me for leads and never delivered. Blessings, GarryP”

Cryptoplayerclub isn’t allowing me to withdraw my funds and returning an error also the admin has not responded after a support ticket – Nizar M”

And I assure you there are many more – if you have been cheated by this habitual liar add a comment below.

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3 thoughts on “Jeff Long – Beware Of This Scammer.”

  • I lost money to him on 2 occasions – should have known better the second time but there will never be a 3rd time. Stay away from him- he’s a shark!

    • Sorry to hear that but it took me even longer to learn the lesson – 4 plans with new promises all with same results – I lost my money, never received products or commissions!

  • Yes he took my money and gave me a system that didn’t work. Glitches everywhere no support if you mention anything on Facebook he tries to bully you into hushing up. Abundance Network is a scam 100%

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