It’s Almost 2018

It’s Almost 2018

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Are you where you want to be financially?

Last year you probably decided that 2017 was going to be the year you finally broke through…

The year where you… 

  • started making real money online

  • quit your job

  • bought that new car

  • moved to a new neighborhood

  • took more vacations

  • spent more time with your family

  • paid off all your debts and

  • started really enjoying life

Did it happen?

I know for a few of you it did and you are now well on the way to having everything in life that you want and dreamed about, BUT

I also know that for most of you, you’re stuck where you were or even farther from your dreams and goals!

The reality is that if you don’t make a plan to change things NOW, then this time next year you will still be dreaming of what could be, instead of living your dreams!

Let me make it simple and set a goal of $5,000 a month income for you (because that’s enough for most people to retire)

I know it’s Christmas and I know you have lots of ways to spend your money and I know that your spending will bring short term pleasure; and probably increase your debts!

I also know that you need to adopt an entrepreneur attitude and decide today that you will make an investment in your future that will bring you, not momentary pleasure, but long term happiness.

So how can you make an investment that will get you everything you want by this time next year?

Before I explain let me tell you that this time last year I was in debt over $250,000!

I made an entrepreneurial decision to make a sacrifice and change things and today I am well on the way to being debt free (I’m not there yet, $250,000+ is a big hole to climb out of, but i soon will be)

I know this works; it’s working for me, over 60 people I have introduced and it will work for you!

So here it is….

An $800 investment in the Freedom Formula as an Elite Member will produce at least $5,000 a month income in 12 months time or less if you re-invest everything each month for a year.

To become an Elite Member is $997 so you will need a total investment of $1,797 in Bitcoins.

I know that it’s Christmas and you can find lots of other ways to spend your money but make this your Christmas present to yourself and your loved ones. A lasting gift that will bring joy for ever not a few moments pleasure.

And because it’s Christmas I’m going to help you out!

I will not only buy the Bitcoins for you and set up everything so that it’s just a one click decision but I’ll even do it for a discount at a once only $1,500 for the first 5 people to take action and change their lives!

If you click the button and get a sold out then I’m sorry you will have to choose one of the offers on the other page linked below or do it all for yourself at the full price.


You must do something NOW even if its just starting with $125. If you don’t then things won’t get any better for you!

Yes starting with $125 will take you up to 44 months to get to a $5,000 a month income but that’s all the more reason to start today!

The longer you delay the farther away your true happiness is.

And so often later becomes never!

God bless,
p.s. “Nobody gets to live life backward. Look ahead, that is where your future lies.” ~ Esther Lederer – (Better known as Ann Landers) – 1918-2002, Advice Columnist

Grab this Special while it’s still available

Get started from just $125

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