Is This Real?

Is This Real?

Well, when I fist joined this it simply didn’t work – I don’t think it was an intentional scam but I lost money!

However, they’ve made changes (explained in the video below) and it’s now something I can promote with confidence…..[svpVideo v=1]

Download the spreadsheet here

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Below is a screenshot of the account at the end of the week (Nov 23, 2019) You can see that the account was created Nov 19 but it was too late in the day for any trades so effectively was Nov 20th. $350 was sent to the account in Bitcoins but on arrival only had a $343 value. Based on the $343 deposit,  the gain ($34.44) in 3 days is just over 10%. Based on the actual cost and ignoring the sum still in trades (which could win or lose) the gain is just 4.01% but that’s still over 1% a day; and the other trader available actually had bigger gains than “King Cobra”. This is a very viable opportunity for anyone anywhere to gain true finacial independence!

Screenshot 30th Nov 2019

Its been a mixed week that started losing but pulled back to still be showing a profit from the start date. This is what happens in genuine trading, you win some and you lose some; the big thing is to win more than you lose and I am confident that we will hit the target of 12.5% average.

Week ending December 7th 2019 WAS A LOSING WEEK!

But that is no big deal watch the video here and watch for the next winning week 🙂

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