Impressive ROI – LOW RISK – but a SCAM!

Impressive ROI – LOW RISK – but a SCAM!

I’m afraid this is a total SCAM! pays on small amounts and then runs away with large amounts and closes accounts with porr excuses of not adhering to terms!

I joined this plan March 17th with a $5 deposit (the minimum)

Today, 4 days later, my account showed $5.06 and so I requested a withdrawal of $5.
See the image above 🙂

It was paid instantly and appeared in my Bitcoin wallet within seconds!

Although I am impressed I think this may be a ponzi so if you invest do it with caution!

I am now playing with their funds so in the clear, but will probably add a larger sum…

Which based on my experience above I should be able to get back in 4 days.

Want to check it out for yourself? Go here….

It may help you get some fast profits in the short term, with not too much risk…

Not a plan for the long term! Long term see below…..

Build your life and financial future on solid foundations….


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1. the id number you may be copying and pasting with a space either at the start or the end – make sure you only copy the number.
2. Vista may have registrations turned off at present while they make updates in the back office – if so just go back later 🙂
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God bless,
p.s. A mentor enables a person to achieve. A hero shows what achievement looks like.” ~ John C. Mather – Cosmetologist

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