I CAN Auto Trade

I CAN Auto Trade



Below is a letter I received from ICANAUTOTRADE after I paid to lease the software starting 11th July 2022. I think the letter explains what this is about and so I have added it for your complete information.

It will launch to the world about 3 to 5 weeks after the soft launch if all goes well.

The minimimum investment is $1,000 plus a monthly software lease of $99.95 but if you want in NOW you can benefit from “Piggy backing” on our investors club account eliminating the monthly fee. The shares in the WSA Investors Club are $12.55 each $12 plus fees of $0.55). You can find additional information here


Hi Graham. 

Within two days of our release of a special recording we did on Tuesday, June 28, all 300 Full Membership positions we initially offered were spoken for.

This means beginning July 11, these 300 account holders will be allowed to establish their exchange accounts utilizing our A.I. software.  At that time the website will be 100% completed and the back office will provide ALL instructions necessary, for complete and accurate setup.

The first 300, for the first 30 days

Originally it was not our intent to limit, at launch, the number of accounts we could release.

However, because we have agreements with several exchange companies, and because they are aware of our software and it’s capabilities their concern was they would be too quickly overwhelmed with new accounts.

Therefore, they came to us and asked us if we could set a maximum number of accounts available, for just the first thirty days, because they want to also make absolutely certain that any bugs are worked out of their systems.  In order to work with our A.I. algorithms this requires them to have a different operating system just for “our” clients. 

You see, once set up, our A.I. algorithms interface with the software of the exchange companies we have agreements with. Not all exchange companies have this capability.

So, following the first 30 days after July 11, we will re-open for orders on an unlimited basis, for the monthly lease of our A.I. software.  And we promise you – this will go viral!

Imagine, 300 accounts in roughly 48 hours!

Daily ROI (Return On Investment)

We have received a number of questions relative to our daily ROI.

All reasonable questions except for this point:

We have not built this amazing program only to be shut down later because we violate some rule of law with some agency.

As we have commented in the past, the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) has recently been granted auspices over all things relative to the crypto industry.  And based upon our lawyer’s advice, should we comment on specific ROI numbers, the CFTC would regard statements in that vein to be “ENTICEMENT” which would be an illegal move on our part.

Therefore, we want to frame this particular ROI question in a different and we think a more appropriate manner.

So… Let us ask you these questions…

Can you or anyone you know sit at your internet device 24 hours per day, 7 days per week (the crypto market never closes) and immediately jump on an uptick in the market? And I mean within split seconds, not minutes but milliseconds?

Or, how about 24/7 being able to sell a position in crypto, again within miliseconds of a downward tick?

Obviously this is simply not possible.

Our algorithm is designed to take advantage of upticks faster than anyone could even login to their exchange account and make a purchase. Or, login to their account and execute a sale.

A human being simply cannot do what our Artificial Intelligence software can do. Simply not possible.

Or how about this?

Of all the indicators our algorithms look at every few seconds for every client, there are times when the market is falling to quickly to make a purchase. And by the way, before these times occur, crypto positions have already been sold because our algorithms works for you to protect your dollars – without emotion, without guess work.

So when our A.I. algorithms goes into a “hold trades” posture, we call this it’s hibernation mode.

However, it still has an eye open watching for those ‘uptick’ opportunities. And when they happen, Boom!  It wakes up and goes to work for you.

So basically what we are attempting to explain is this:

There are times when no trades occur at all, but not because things are not working, instead exactly the opposite.  A no trade period really means “sit tight.”

Listen… Artificial Intelligence technology has provided us all with a way to take advantage of all kinds of things including the crypto industry, whether it be a bear market, a bull market, or market simply trading sideways.

No human could possibly do this at anywhere near the speed of our algorithm, and certainly not 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Just for example, you know why most people lose money in the crypto market?

It’s because they trade on emotions, and they sell when things seem to be going south and they panic. But think about.

When they sell, someone else is buying, and those people who are buying are most often not those people who are trading on emotion, they are in fact those people who are snapping up the bargains from those who got scared.

Our A.I. algorithm was designed so our members do not fall into this trap.

What to do right now

If you are one of the first 300, just set it up as soon as possible On July 11. Again – we will have complete instructions at our launch on July 11 for complete and accurate setup.

If you missed out, get in as soon as we open back up for new account holders 30 days later.

Install it.

We will teach you everything.

And just let it do it’s thing. That is the point of all of this.

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