How to make a dollar for every subscriber on your list

How to make a dollar for every subscriber on your list
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I get this question a lot:

“Tell me, how many subscribers do I need to make good money from my list?”

I’ll tell you…

But first, I’m gonna break the biggest myth about this whole thing, okay?

Ask anyone how much a list is worth and almost 100% will answer $1 per subscriber per month!

It’s what everyone accepts!

It’s what the Gurus teach!

The problem is that all those telling you how much you will make are not making that much themselves. They are just like parrots repeating a phrase without any understanding of what it means or how it works!

When I started out building my list, I was told I should expect to make $1 per every person on my list per month.

I didn’t make that.

Not even close.

I rejoiced if I made $0.012 per subscriber.

But that wasn’t enough to cover my autoresponder expenses….

Let alone pay the bills such as gas, water and electric.

What happened next, will knock your socks off.

By total accident…
I discovered all this one dollar per subscriber per month talk is…


You’re NOT supposed to make a dollar for every subscriber on your list.

For most marketers, this number is much lower.

That’s why most list builders fail.

They just can’t fund their business this way.

But some smart marketers are laughing all the way to the bank.


Because they’re getting $3, $5 and even $10 per subscriber.


2 steps:
1) They promote offers with a deep back end, which pay high ticket commissions. This way, every sale can potentially bring thousands of dollars, instantly multiplying the average subscriber value.
2) They use high-quality leads that become more responsive over time… unlike “average” leads which lose interest and drop off quickly.


This is where it gets interesting…

The smart email marketers know this one secret…..
80% of their sales come from 20% of the subscribers on their list.

These are the subscribers who…

  • Open almost every email.

  • Click on the affiliate links.

  • And aggressively look into offers they put out.

So instead of expecting to get a dollar from every subscriber on their list (which is stupid and doesn’t work), they strategically market expensive business opportunities to the most responsive leads on their list.

This way they get $3, $5 and even $10 per lead.

Like I said… SMART!

But where do you get these expensive business opportunities, known in the business as High Ticket Offers?

And having found or created them how do you sell them?

Do you expect people you don’t really know to see a web page and say, “Wow! I just gotta have that $5,000 ‘thing’ its just what I need!” Pull out their credit card and buy on the spot?

It may happen once in a blue moon but lets get real.

It’s a funny thing that most people sit on the fence for days, weeks, months or even years before they pluck up the courage to change their life and get involved seriously in business and yet….

As soon as they make that choice they expect everyone they approach to jump in instantly!

It takes personal contact, usually on the phone, sometimes several calls before a ‘cold’ prospect becomes warm and develops the trust to make the purchase.

So back to the original question which is “How can YOU sell High Ticket Offers”?

The answer is that unless you are special and have special sales skills you can’t and so your list value is tiny and unprofitable, but don’t despair….

People just like you are making $3, $5 and more per month per subscriber,

People who have never made money online before.


With a system that does everything for you, including a tele-sales team that will call all your prospects as many times as it takes to make the sale on your behalf.

Yes when they make the sale you get paid big fat commissions (thousands of dollars per sale) that mean your sales per subscriber rate goes shooting through the roof!

Here is a guy, Kevin Strawser,  who has been struggling online for 10 years and spent over $300,000 in that time before he found what I am going to share with you now in a moment…..

There are lots of stories similar to Kevin’s all now finding success; ordinary people from total newbies to seasoned marketers and you can join them….

Start making those High Ticket Sales today by clicking here now!

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