Health and Anti- Aging

Health and Anti- Aging

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This is not an area that I usually get involved with. Health and wellness are important but as I am always healthy, never even had a headache, I feel I am not usually qualified to comment on health products. I have on many occasions tested pills and potions, vitamins, minerals, juices, super foods, stem cell enhancers and supplements of all kinds, because I have been asked to join or evaluate various “oportunities”.  However, I have never found anything that I could or would promote. I am not saying that the products tested were no good or would not be beneficial to some people, but I never found anything that I believed would benefit most people.

We are all unique and have different needs and it may be that a certain product is beneficial for one person because it happens to address that persons unique needs; at the same time it may hold absolutely no benefit for another person because their needs are totally different. I always have believed that there is no silver bullet that works for everyone and I also believe that what you put in your head is of far greater importance than what you put in your body. Once again  am not saying that diet and or supplements have no benefits, what I am saying is that I had neveR found anything that would benefit the majority of people.

However, I had seen so many Testimonials for one specific product that I decided I should investigate it. I had not been approached to join the “business” nor to evaluate the products but curiosity got the better of me.

So, I sought out someone who was promoting the product and joined as a distributor (because it was a cost effective way to make a purchase).

On 25th July 2022 the products arrived and both my wife and I started using them; we also started using them on my dog Cody.

Personally I was not expecting any benefits as although considered a senior for more years than I care to remember I am in perfect health. My wife does have a few issues health wise but my main concern was to find something for my dog who has been troubled with itchy skin and despite advice from vets, changes in diet and various drugs the condition was getting worse.

So now it is about a month since we started tests and I will offer my findings below.

  1. Cody haS definitely improved the texture of his coat and although still scratches, it is nothing like as bad as previously. His face which lost all its fur and was often bleeding due to his scratching is now starting to look normal with fur returning. Beneath his chin which was red and black is now a uniform pink colour and is beginning to grow fur. He is also more lively and no longer seems to be troubled by his legs one of which had cruciate ligament surgery and since had never seemed to be quite normal. At first he did not like being sprayed and trying to administer sub-lingual doses was not working. but added to a drop of milk or similar he laps it up and is now used to being sprayed 2 times a day. When I spray his face I cover his eyes and so get some of the spray on my fingers of my left hand. My first finger and first joint has for some time been uncomfortable rather than painful but it now seems to be back to normal!
  2. My own analysis is that I have only been taking orally as the spray is designed mainly for cosmetic purposes (reducing wrinkles, bags under eyes, smoother skin etc. and generally creating a more youthful appearance) which had no interest for me. I had for some time been sneezing frequently and had a runny nose, no discomfort was involved but after a few days the sneezing and runny nose stopped. I had also been coughing slightly and this also has stopped. I noticed when cutting my toenails that they were not so thick and much easier to trim than they have been for many years. It’s a fact that as we age things creep up on us that we don’t really notice and when we do notice we just accept them as natural. Things like reversing the car get more difficult as its harder to twist around and suddenly I find that I can now twist far more easily and see clearly when reversing and so not have to rely soley on mirrors. I don’t really feel much different but I had also noticed that my skin recently was much easier to bleed with a slight scratch and I had increasing dry patches; my skin now appears to be “thicker” and almost all the dry patches have disappeared. I am quite frankly amazed!
  3. My wife’s issues are more deep seated but she has for quite a few years suffered with cracked hands despite using gloves when washing dishes or cleaning etc. However, her hands are now free from cracks and it is even difficult to see where they once were. Her hair was falling out and now seems to be less prone to loss (too late for me I’m afraid. lol) but only time will tell if her aches and pains will benefit.
In short, I will continue to use these products, especially with Cody as they are considerably less expensive than veterinary remedies and far more effective. I have sacrificed a couple of bottles of beer a day to afford these products and consider it a good trade.
However, although I am not seeking to build an MLM business, if I can make the cost of my monthly products for own use I will be more than happy, and if I never make a penny I will still be happy to have found something I believe can and will benefit almost everyone.  It may be that the older generation will benefit more as the natural process of producing the all important Glutathione decreases with age. 
It is available in tablet form but most reliable sources claim that tablets etc. have no real value. There are herbal enhancers of production but by far the most effective method until now has been intravenous delivery which is extremely effective but also extremely expensive. The formulation developed by Neumi seems to be the perfect solution for the average person. Below is an extract from a website run by a well known holistic doctor (Dr. Mercola) talking about Glutathione which will give you additional information (The article of course extols the benefits of herbal supplements to help produce this naturally, but as this is also an ingredient of the Neumi products why not get the best of both worlds?)

Glutathione has received much attention in recent years for the key role it plays in overall health and well-being.

What is glutathione?

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant made up of three amino acids – cystine, glycine and glutamate. Known as the “master antioxidant,” it’s the most abundant antioxidant produced in your body and is found in all of your cells.

One of glutathione’s major roles is to keep all your other antioxidants, such as vitamin C and CoQ10, in line and performing at their peak.*

Glutathione’s primary task is to help protect your body from free radical damage, wastes and potentially harmful substances. It is one of the most important tools in your body’s detoxification arsenal and is crucial for your liver’s well-being.*

But that’s not all… Your brain, lungs, joints, skin, eyes and every system in your body requires glutathione to function properly.*

It’s a “must” for your immune system, as your immune cells work best when they have a delicately balanced level of glutathione. Studies show glutathione promotes T-cell function, and optimal glutathione levels tend to be seen in healthy human subjects.*

As you age, your body’s ability to produce glutathione declines. And many substances can hasten its destruction, like alcohol, drugs and environmental contaminants.

When your cells run out of glutathione, they die. When levels run low, cells lose their ability to repair themselves and produce the antioxidants your well-being depends upon.

How Glutathione Affects Your Health and Longevity
Researchers have discovered that your levels of glutathione can determine how well your body responds when you become sick. With low levels of glutathione, you may be more likely to be hospitalized or even die, compared to someone with higher levels.

In fact, longevity researchers now believe glutathione plays a key role in determining your life span.

The level of glutathione in your cells may actually predict how long you will live.

Why? Glutathione helps keep all your other antioxidants functioning at their peak, so lower levels of glutathione can mean a less robust and inferior antioxidant defense overall.

Keep in mind… Your body – especially your liver – depends on antioxidants to help maintain healthy cells and tissues. A lack of antioxidants can lead to oxidative damage from reactive oxygen species (ROS).

Oxidative stress occurs when you have an imbalance between the increased production of ROS and a lack of antioxidant defense to repair oxidative damage to cells, tissues and organs.

Adequate antioxidant defense against ROS damage is crucial for optimal health. Poor antioxidant defense leads to cellular aging and chronic disease.

To look and feel your youthful best, you must have sufficient antioxidant power. Having optimal levels of the “master antioxidant” glutathione is like having insurance, knowing you have enough antioxidants to meet your body’s needs.

What’s Your Risk for Low Glutathione Levels?
Who’s most at risk for having lower levels of glutathione?

We already know older people have lower levels, simply because their body’s natural production of glutathione has slowed down. Some men are also more likely to have low levels, as well as smokers and heavy drinkers.

Studies show those who have comorbid conditions, or comorbidities, are also at greater risk of low levels of glutathione. This includes anyone with metabolic and weight concerns, as well as those with blood sugar issues.

Why is this? Glutathione influences the expression of your genes, including those playing a role in glucose metabolism and insulin secretion.

And here’s another interesting finding… Glutathione levels appear to be related to vitamin D levels. When your vitamin D blood levels are low, your glutathione is likely to be low, too.

Hundreds of studies show low levels of vitamin D can seriously jeopardize your health, especially your cellular, immune and metabolic health.

And now, it’s apparent that glutathione deficiency may cause changes that impair how your body metabolizes vitamin D.

So, if you are taking a vitamin D supplement to help raise your vitamin D level, or are already getting adequate sun exposure (it’s very difficult to do in the Northern Hemisphere), you must have enough glutathione for your body to metabolize vitamin D.

However, raising your glutathione levels may not be as easy as it sounds…

The Preferred Way to Raise Your Glutathione Levels
You can raise your glutathione levels using food, supplements and exercise.

Foods and nutrients, like broccoli, green tea, curcumin, rosemary and milk thistle, have a positive impact on glutathione production.

A study with 80 healthy, sedentary adults showed that aerobic training in combination with circuit weight training had the greatest effect on the glutathione antioxidant system.

Certain supplements may help, too. While a glutathione supplement may seem like the obvious best choice, it’s not.

Because oral glutathione consists of three amino acids, it is rapidly broken down in your stomach by digestive enzymes. Even if you could assimilate it intact, I don’t recommend taking oral glutathione as it may interfere with your body’s ability to produce it naturally.

Instead of taking an ineffective glutathione supplement, I recommend providing your body with the raw materials for making its own glutathione. This allows your body to produce only the amount it needs.

One of the best ways to help your body produce glutathione naturally is with N-acetyl cysteine, or NAC, a derivative of cysteine and precursor of glutathione.*

The use of NAC is backed up by decades of scientific research demonstrating its valuable role in boosting glutathione levels.

For example, one study showed that supplementing with NAC for 30 days helped restore baseline glutathione concentration in people with low glutathione levels.

Here’s how it works…

When your body manufactures glutathione, cysteine is the “rate-limiting amino acid.” That means cysteine tends be available in lower amounts than the other two amino acids that make glutathione.

When you take NAC, you increase your cysteine levels, providing your body with more of the raw material it needs to pair up with glycine and glutamine to make glutathione.


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