How To Make Money Online – Do FREE Systems Work?

How To Make Money Online – Do FREE Systems Work?
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This is a question that can be answered in a few ways but the main answer is that a free system will always need effort to promote and there must always be some cash invested by someone to generate income.

It stands to reason that if everyone is free that no sales are being made and so it is unlikely that any income will be made.


There are possibly exceptions where a website may carry advertising and the revenue generated may be shared among members somehow, but income is likely to be very low from this type of opportunity.


Similarly with paid to click systems where a small revenue is earned from actually clicking on and viewing ads. The income from these sites is seldom worth the effort even when commissions are also paid on referrals.


So in a nutshell the answer is that unless you are making sales on a regular basis there is little hope of making a consistent income. That said there are systems that are free which can assist you in making sales and earning commission and most of these will work as long as you also work!


Unfortunately most of these “free systems” are designed to get you spending money before you make money. 


I am not knocking this as it is a general rule in life that you must put in before you get out, but it depends on what is being offered in the systems as to whether or not they really offer a true opportunity. It is popular for “FREE SYSTEMS” to be dependent on members buying something through the system even if they already own that product and to me this is not free but paid! Such systems often insist on you buying an autoresponder account just to get started and then start adding more compulsory purchases often leading to “High Ticket” programs.


It is true that this generates cash for the members but it is not free and should not be marketed as free. I believe that certain things are necessary for a successful business and an autoresponder is one of them, but if a system is free then members should be able to add an autoresponder account without being forced to but it through the system.


I run and recommend a system that is free to join and will help promote multiple income streams for you. 


Yes it has paid options but the system will work without members being forced to take them or make purchases that they don’t want or need.


The system I refer to is the which is 100% free and provides members with a new bonus mailing list each month and a system to message these members with 100% deliverability. It also encourages members to read the messages through the system and you can message about anything you wish, with the chance of making a sale if your offer is a good one.


In addition to the free bonus list you receive you also have the opportunity to refer members and add them to your mailing. This has additional benefits….

  1. They are always in your mailing list

  2. Anyone they introduce is also in your mailing list

  3. With just 5 personal introductions your free bonus list is doubled each month

This can be very powerful as just 5 referrals by each member provides you with 30 people in your list – 5 personal referrals and 5 referrals by each of those for an extra 25 in tier 2 making 30 in total. 


What if everyone refers 10? That would be 10 personal and 100 from your tier 2 making 110 in total and so on. There is no limit to how many you or ant team member can refer.


In addition you are given the opportunity to join more free affiliate programs that can literally pay you thousands of dollars a month and these are automatically promoted for you by the system. Although no-one is FORCED to buy any products (as is common practice in similar “FREE SYSTEMS”) we find that many of our members take up some of the offers because they represent great value. Our members buy because they want them and not because they have to!


Yes we also have paid versions in GoldMailer that enhance the system and we find that a large number of members take up these options, once again, because they want to and not because they have to. In fact as a free member you make the same commissions on upgrades as paid members.


Upgrades add power to your list building and open up additional tiers.

So in the example above with everyone introducing 5 people with 3 tiers open you would have a personal messaging list of 155 (5 + 25 + 125), 4 tiers and you have 780, 5 tiers and you are into the thousands.

This alone makes upgrades very valuable but in addition you also receive an additional and different messaging list each month made up of members who are in the same group as you. These are all BUYERS and as any marketer will tell you they are much more valuable than the free members in terms of potential income.

These buyers groups are randomly generated each month and can vary in size based on where you are positioned in the 2 x infinity matrix; one month you could be at the top and messaging every member in our database, while another month you make be towards the bottom and only have a messaging group of 10 or so.

The exciting thing is that we pay you each month on your group and everyone has the chance to be TOP DISTRIBUTOR for a month regardless of personal referrals.

I am not going into more detail on this here as it can get confusing but we pay out 70% of all fees received in commissions (20% for personal referrals and 50% in group commissions), about 10% goes in processor charges and the remaining 20%  goes to admin with any profits going to charity.

Upgrades start at just $2 a month and so you can see why so many members decide to take up the option.


We also have many different affiliate streams that members are encouraged to join FREE and upgrade only if they see a personal benefit. These have the potential to earn you thousands of dollars and I recommend that you learn all about them and what they can do for you.

Here are some of them (Tip: Click the name for a link to open in a new tab)…

  • Freedom Formula
     This is an amazing program where you can invest in venture capital for as little as $100 and get upto 40% per month interest on your investment. You will also earn as much as 10% on any investment made by someone you refer. This reallt is very powerful and probably the easiest money you will ever make!

  • Turnkey Cash Cow
     If you are looking for something that is 100% done for you (even down to the traffic every month) and guarantees you a profit for a once only investment then this is for you!

  • Bitcolesium
     Here you get a free investment that you can leverage to a strong income totally passively. See this post for more information

  • USI – Tech
     A solid investment plan that has been paying members on time for about 5 years an average of over 7% a month – check it out.

  • Atlantic Global
     Also known a Questra this is another reliable investment plan you can join with a small investment and get paid daily.

  • ClickMagick
     A tool needed by all serious marketers and used by most top earners in the online business world  

  •  iCoin Market
     Launching at the end of July 2017 and offers a free $10 investment just for registering – this has the potential to be your biggest earner with over 3% a day often being made from trading profits – join now, lock in your spot and claim your free $10!

Most of these plans also use Bitcoin which is probably the strongest long term investment available on the planet. It does go up and down violently in the short term but over time the trend is steadily upwards and forecast to continue upwards for many years to come. I first was shown Bitcoin when it was at $15 and I ignored it. I actually first invested October 2016 at about $700 and today in July 2017 it is at $2,329. 


If you want to get started with Bitcoin then below are some buttons where you can buy them…

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