Its About Time We Applied Common Sense!

Its About Time We Applied Common Sense!

My Personal Rant….

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Transcript of my rant….

For months since this whole Corona Virus nonsense started I’ve been saying that what is being done is WRONG! I’m no doctor or scientist and I ahve no qualifications to offer other than a logical mind.

There is one obvious fact that is ever true and that is that you cannot defeat anything by running away from it!

We have virus epedemics regularly throughout the world and most have more serious cosequences that this COVID -19 virus, if you can find the facts among all the hype and lies.

They average lifespan of these “attacks” is about 2 years and in that time what is known as a “Herd Immunity” is developed and the virus while still existing becomes far less threatening because of this natural immunity.

Flu has had a vaccine since the 1940’s and it has not reduced the effects of Flu in any way that can be maesured. We still have far more fatalities that can be attributed to FLU than are being attributed to Covid-19 even though many believe the numbers of Covid-19 fatalities to be grossly exaggurated.

Its time we became rational and understood that this whole episode as a massive hoax and that fear and the effects of the lockdowns are causing more death and disater than the virus alone could ever have caused.

Standing alone as an elderly man with little or no influence my voice has not been heard amongst the clamour that has fooled Governments on a Global scale into taking actions that in the future will be looked back on as totally ridiculous!

Whether this has been deliberately planned as a conspiracy or has come about as ignorance and stupidity take the place of rational thinking is for you to decide, but its time to put an end to all this nonsense!

At my age whatever happens is not going to affect me personally but I feel that we as the whole human race should stand up and fight for the sake of the children in this world who have no say in waht is happening even though they represent the future of humanity.

To emphasise the stupidity of Governments who really do not know what they are doing or why; the UK Government (which I see more of as I am living in England) banned Pubs, restaruants, and public conveniences form opening to the public. They also banned travel other than local. Then later they allowed travel, of any disatance, especially to beauty spots for excercise and recreation which coincided with some hot sunny weather. This meant that crowds of people headed for the beaches where there were no hotels, no cafes, no restaurants and no public conveniences.

You do not need to be too bright to understand that this would lead to people needing to relieve themselves and so beaches and back alleys were used to defacate and abandon soiled clothing! Not very bright would be a generous comment on a school report for such incompetence!

Governments in different countries set different social distancing rules tranging from 3 feet to 2 meters when in all probability there is no need for any special measures. A report from a top specialist in a New York hospital said that to catch Covid-19 inan airborn situation would probably require 15 minuts exposure in a confined space with someone coughing perpetually!

Sweden who imposed no lockdown have not had any greater severity than any other country and less than many countries with a lockdown.

THe drug companies and their shreholders are rubbing their hands at the prospect of selling billions of dollars worth of useless vaccines and are lobbying to make this compulsory to increase their profits even more. The vaccines will I have no doubt be delivered and at the end of the 2 year normal period for the decline of the virus the drug companies will claim success of the vaccine. Vaccine or no vaccine this virus will bear no threat in 2 years time and in reality bears little or no threat now unless your immune system is shut down by fear or compromised by other factors, such as age.

But its not just the vaccine is it? They also want to track people’s movements, tag them like cattle in a field, modify their DNA and keep them in comfort until they have no further use for us, Who are THEY is a good question but it would seem to be people who consider themselves to be elite and have some sick craving for power. They are not elected and have fooled the elected into committing waht I cosider to be crimes against humanity with the measures that have been implemented on an unprecedented and totally unnecessary scale.

Let God and our immune systems deal with this natural hazard as we always have in the past and lets rid ourselve’s of the unnatural hazards created through ignorance or pre-meditated manipulation.

For my part although well into what is classed as vulnerable age I have no fear of the virus and doubt that I would even know if I had been exposed to it!

THese are my thoughts and you may think me a crazy old man but I suggest you now watch the video below, where people can’t speak out as freely as me but just listen and apply good old fashioned common sense that is lacking from our leaders!

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