Chasing Rainbows

Chasing Rainbows

Finalmente goes the way of many other online income plans and collapses. This is a recurring theme and, during the more than 20 years I have been making money online, I have seen tens of thousands of plans, programs, schemes and scams come and go!

Additionally, I still see people like Dave Sharpe and Vick Streizheus making millions of dollars peddling updated versions of overpriced training at the expense of the average guy. I don’t blame them, as its all they know, but it’s sad that it continues to create a 95% failure rate.

So Stop Chasing Rainbows!

Fortunately, I see light at the end of the tunnel in 2021 with a new breed of activity in the way that business is being done online; a way where the customer/client/member is put first and not simply a means to an end profit for the program owners.

The following are selected as being in the category of sharing love and putting the members before personal profit…..

Leading the way in this development is We Share Abundance (WSA) which teaches the path to true happiness and as a bi-product shows how financial wealth is attracted to members through service and love. There is no cost to join, nothing to buy or sell and although referring new members can be profitable, and is encouraged, it is not required to generate income. The economy of WSA is based around the WESA Token which has increased in value from $1 in April 2020, when it was first released, to around $300 market value at present. This alone represents an amazing opportunity, with the Token forecast to be in 4 digits (well over $1,500 each) by the end of this year, and members can actually earn WESA for free and, for a limited time, buy them for a fraction of their market value at just $110 each.
See to start building your nest egg now.

Hashing Ad Space – is a great concept but unfortunately the value of their currency is so low that it is difficult to currently generate any meaningful income. For every $100 tied up in staking you can make about 10 cents a day watching ads. So you need $1,000 to generate $30 a month income. This can be enhanced by making referrals etc. but the best bet is in accumulating and holding their ASIMI Tokens in the hope that they will incease significantly in value. No recruiting is required but it will enhance your income.
Register free here and you can start accumulating ASIMI Tokens free.

CLEAR – This is about to launch and has a massive potential on a Global Scale; you can register free and start referring people now and build your network and net worth. The compensation plan is more than generous and those who join early will be best placed to generate incomes in excess of most people’s dreams! The financial rewards are based purely on referrals. However, I think that once people learn the benefits of protecting their identity it will be an easy sale of a very competitively priced superior product that everyone uses already in an inferior way. Learn how to protect your Identity and Privacy (This video is about an hour long but everyone should watch it and learn) You actually need this product in place of the one you use now ( its better and cheaper but even if it cost more the benefits are massive) regardless of whether or not you want to refer others! I also pledge to use any commissions I personally receive from CLEAR to enhance the liquidity and value of the WESA Token so all WSA Members should register FREE now!

OnPassive – you have probably already heard of this as its been around since June or July 2018 and still has not yet even begun pre-launch (but that is now imminent). I believe this will be a game changer for so many people and will cater for all levels of marketers and even allow 100% passive participation. The ethics behind OnPassive are in line with the ethics of WSA and I truly believe that all people looking to make money online will become members of Onpassive sooner or later, so why wait? Essential viewing of this YouTube Interview by clicking here.
You can register free to stay in the loop, but best advantage is for Founder Membership currently at $97. Register free here ….. but I don’t think you will have any regrets by joining the already over 400,000 Founders ( the chance to be a Founder will soon be gone forever so grab it while you can; and as a member of WSA you even get the cost of Founder membership paid back to your US$ wallet!).

God bless,
p.s. “Believe and your belief will create the fact.” ~ William James – American philosopher and psychologist, 1842-1910

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