$35,000 Sales, $21,000 Commissions In 2 Weeks Starting From Scratch

$35,000 Sales, $21,000 Commissions In 2 Weeks Starting From Scratch
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How To Get $35,000 In Sales In 2 Weeks:

This is taken from Tom Yatar’s Blog which can be found here http://thefurryhatguy.com/

Now I know many of you are reading this post and wondering “How In The Heck Did You Make $35,000 In Personal Sales With Duplicate Dave and Legendary Marketer?

It’s all about a New Program called: “Duplicate Dave.”

David Sharpe just launched this amazing program where he is sharing ALL of his secrets, funnels, training, his PHONE SALES team and education to help the NOVICE finally succeed.

What so great about the DUPLICATE DAVE sales funnel?

What is so great about the duplicate dave sales funnel is that he incorporates his SALES influence and NLP skills to discuss the PROBLEMS in the industry and HOW to solve them with his program.   What you’ll notice about the internet is people come on to the internet to SOLVE  a problem.   Through the internet people will PAY money to help their problem be solved quickly.   Dave presents that type of funnel that presents a SOLUTION to the persons problem and he hits that PAIN point.

Duplicate Dave And Legendary Marketer Personal Results for TheFurryHatGuy.com: $35,000 In Sales In 2 Weeks! | 

Here is HOW I am getting so many great results with DUPLICATE DAVE:

  1. The ONLY thing to focus on is getting TRAFFIC to his HIGH converting funnel.
  2. If interested they schedule a call with the phone sales team and they do the follow up, get the prospects questions answered, and then see if the prospect qualifies for the premium products.   CLICK HERE if you want to learn  how the premium products work.

Here are my stats with Duplicate Dave in the last 2 weeks:

Stats in the last 2 weeks:
18 Event tickets sold.

SEVEN  5k packages sold.

OVER $35,000 in sales.

$2000 spent in ads.

That is $19,000 PROFIT.

This was ALL without me being on the phone and closing people myself.  It was ALL because I just RAN traffic to his program and the phone sales team did all the work on the back end.

4 thoughts on “$35,000 Sales, $21,000 Commissions In 2 Weeks Starting From Scratch”

  • Hey Graham, Christopher here. I am in a desperate situation. I am so desperate that I’m almost in tears. I really want to make money but I am penniless and by that I mean I have no money in my wallet and no money on my credit card. I am not really begging for money but just asking a favour. Is it possible you could pay the investment for me and the first pay cheque you take out how much you invested and give me the rest? Let me know if this can be done. I would be so appreciative

  • Hi Graham,
    This interest me….so you spend $2000 on ads and in total you make $19000 commissions. Do they show you where to get traffic ? I am quite interested in this program but i would like to see more results from you…Will you get similiar results if you invest again on those ads?

    • Yes they have traffic sources but you can use any solo ad provider that you like. Results are not guaranteed and commissions for new members are 40% not 60%
      Book a session with the team and get your questions answered

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