3 Updates

3 Updates
  1. Avazoo – last chance! If you have ever registered with Avazoo in the past you can claim a FREE $20 No Obligation, Raffle Ticket with a 1 in 3 chance of winning a cash prize and the chance of winning one of many top prizes up to $1,000,000,000!
    Register for Zoom  in advance for this webinar: 
  2. SuperOne – Amazing opportunity for getting in at the start of an explosive technology….
    If not already registered find out more here ( and below)
  3.  If you are enjoying passive income with BONANZA then you have a new back office  and need to follow the instructions below…
    If you are not yet being paid weekly from BONANZA you can get more information here.


Hello global bonanza family, we are very happy to announce that our backoffice has already been migrated 100%.  

It is time to celebrate and warm up engines for our exponential growth.  We continue to grow and make continuous improvements that allow us to ensure our future success.

 In order to enter the new virtual office, you need to go here:


 you write your usual username and your generic password is: 12345

 When entering your new virtual office you must go to the profile section and change your generic password for a new one, in addition to adding your payment Wallet in the USDT cryptocurrency (TRC20) only.

 How to change my generic password:

 1. Login

 2. Go to the profile section (My Profile)

 3. Enter the generic password.

 4. Put a new password

 5. Confirm the new password

 6. Request a confirmation email.

 7. Check your email, copy and paste the confirmation code

 8. Click Save your new password.

 How to add my USDT (TRC20) payment wallet:

 1. Go to the profile section (My Profile)

 2. Place payment Wallet in the cryptocurrency USDT (TRC20)

 3. Request a confirmation email.

 4. Check your email, copy and paste the confirmation code

 5. Click on Save your payment Wallet.


New backoffice link:


 Remember that you have only 24 hours to complete this process.

 Welcome to your new virtual office of BONANZA GLOBAL.

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