Do you dream of making money online

Do you dream of making money online

I want to tell you a story; it’s a true story!

About a married couple; the man was a dreamer, he dreamed all day about living a dream lifestyle and he entered lotteries and dreamed of winning. The woman was a worker, didn’t gamble but had no great dreams for herself, only for her children’s success.

Success in her eyes was having a good white collar job, a teacher or an accountant for example.

The husband lived in fantasy and the fantasy kept him happy and gave him hope but he never lived his dreams and he died with his dreams inside him.

The wife saw her dreams come true although she never had any personal breakthroughs and died a hard working woman with little or no cash.

Her daughter became a headmistress and was awarded an MBE by the Queen.

The son became one of the youngest professionally qualified members of a legal accounting profession and had a tax free, highly paid job in Bermuda.

The daughter was happy because she, like her mother had no dreams beyond those set by her mother of having a secure job and pension. 

The son however was not happy because he had dreams like his father. He was living a dream lifestyle but it was not his dream, it was his mother’s dream. He decided that like his father he would learn to dream big but unlike his father he would not die with his dreams inside him.

He had many failures in chasing his dreams, he was bankrupt once and with literally no money in a foreign country on another occasion, but that did not matter because he was striving for his dreams and his dreams drove him on.

Because he followed his dreams he was happy even in failure because he knew he would not die with dreams locked inside him if he could do anything about it.

dreams can come trueOver the years he achieved many dreams and over the years they changed and became greater and greater, always presenting new and exciting challenges that were far better than living someone else’s dreams.

This story is true, this is my family, I am the son and I live MY dreams every day. It’s a journey not a destination and each day is filled with hope, happiness and love.

My question to you is, “whose dreams are you living and will you allow YOUR dreams to die with you?”

I have partnered with 2 other people who live THEIR dreams and we are here to help you live YOUR dreams. It won’t always be easy, sometimes it will be very hard; but it will be worth it!

What is it you REALLY want in life? Are you serious about getting it? Will you allow us to help you along the road to YOUR personal success?

If you are answering yes and determined to live your dreams leave a comment below and I will personally contact you.

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  • Graham,

    Yes, I am determined to live my dreams. I have a couple of questions re GoldMailer Rotationals: Are ALL PAID members Rotated each month therefore ALL paid members are Paid for emailing their Rotational List each month(unless on the bottom = not paid). Or is Only the top person paid(one person)? This is like a Monthly Lottery except ALL paid members will be able to Email their New Rotation Members, & be Paid for that, correct? If true this is VERY, VERY, POWERFUL and a GENIUS DESIGN.

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