Pioneer DFY Members

The time has come to get the ball rolling for you pioneers.


I am working with groups of 4 only and you can see all the videos by using the links below.


If you choose to remain a Bronze member you will be exempt from the additional fees and just need to complete the SOC join which is $405. Sorry I know I said $395 in the presentation but I was wrong!

This is the link to join


If you choose not to proceed then you can email me and your $105 will be refunded.


If you choose to upgrade to Silver, Gold or Diamond then you will use the page here and you will be refunded the commission portion of the fee ($125 for Silver, $350 for Gold and $535 as a Diamond Member)

Please do NOT tell anyone that you have received this special deal!


I will be holding an initial Group hangout where you can get any questions answered on Thursday 21st July at 9pm BST

Here is the registration link


I suggest you watch the replay of the Workshop for 18th July before then


The sequence for new members joining that you may also want to follow is…







 I have set up lifetime memberships for you in TWH and if you decide not to proceed and be refunded your $105 this will of course be cancelled. This has a value of at least $750!

Your username will be the first name shown below and the password will be the last name shown below – I suggest you change the password once you have logged in

Bill Smith
Jayanthi Mackay
Owen Puncturesafe
Tims Bates

 If you have an existing TWH Subscription you can cancel it in your Paypal account.