Welcome to We Share Abundance.


WSA is a cloud nation proud to be known as the United States of the World; operating on a not-for-profit basis with a mission to banish poverty globally.

We welcome anyone as a citizen regardless of nationality, colour, class, creed, gender, financial status, educational level, IQ or any other superficial distinction you care to name.

Citizenship is free, all you need do is register and verify that you are a real person and we will start you off with a totally FREE $5.

To participate in any of our plans a member must be classed as Active and this is simply achieved by logging in at least half the available days in a month. Example: Log in 15 days in June to be active in June and July; to remain active in August you must have logged in 16 days in July.


What we offer is a way to true happiness in life by loving service to others and we have many optional ways, within our Nation, that you can use to generate wealth and income, all of which can be attained without any out-of-pocket cost.


However, many of our Citizens choose to use their own funds to generate increased income and benefits at a faster pace, but this is your choice, an option that is never required.

Our existing benefits (we are always adding more) can be split into 3 categories…

  1. Totally Passive Income plans
  2. Active Income plans
  3. Hybrid Income plans

We currently offer 3 Totally Passive Income plans as follows…

Progressive Passive Income Pools (PPIP) are the foundation of our community and directly affect the value of our currency through complex formulas coded into the plan, the more each member earns the greater the benefit to the community. This is a totally unique plan designed to build future wealth whilst also providing monthly income. Because we are a Nation, and not just some business opportunity, we need to plan for not just weeks months or years but for many generations to come.

Through this plan we offer hope to the poor and forsaken, courage to the despondent and strength to those who thought they were failures. Your participation at any level, even totally free, helps us in this process and provides you with a feel-good factor, in knowing by being an Active member helps make this world a better place.

This plan is based on 6 pools of increasing value which offer rewards for simple tasks such as logging into your account daily. Each pool also provides you with a FREE monthly raffle ticket with prizes ranging from a few cents to tens of thousands of dollars. Winners are selected totally at random and about 20% of the members of each Pool win a prize each month.

All Pools last for 30 days and the Pool values and benefits are listed below…

  • Pool 1: Value $2. Rewards of $3 a month paid as 10 cents each day you log in.
  • Pool 2: Value $3. Rewards of $4.50 a month paid as 15 cents each day you log in.
  • Pool 3: Value $5. Rewards of $7.50 a month paid as 25 cents each day you log in.
  • Pool 4: Value $10. Rewards of $15 a month paid as 50 cents each day you log in.
  • Pool 5: Value $20. Rewards of $30 a month paid as $1 each day you log in.
  • Pool 6: Value $60. Rewards of $90 a month paid as $3 each day you log in.

As a member of all 6 Pools the total value is $100, your monthly income will be at least $150 (subject to logging in daily) and you are deemed an Elite Member and entitled to participate in our additional Passive Income plans.

From your income you can replenish the Pools each month and retain a minimum of 50% profit building wealth for the future and a legacy for your family. “Minimum” is stated because this can be enhanced with Free Raffle winnings and Power of One Bonus payments.

It is possible to start totally free in PPIP with the $5 we gift you for completing your profile and KYC verification. The $5 can be used to enter Pools 1 and 2 and in 2 months will, as a minimum, have earned you enough to also join Pool 3. Another 2 months and you can add Pool 4 and so on taking 10 months to reach Active Elite status at no out-of-pocket cost.

Maintain this level for 12 consecutive months, automatically adding at least $600 from daily rewards into your PPIP wallet, and withdrawals will automatically commence, increasing by $10 a month annually. This time scale can be massively reduced by FREE Raffle winnings, Power of One Bonus payments or choosing to introduce others or capital of your own.

Withdrawals are automated once Active Elite Membership is reached, subject to the qualification below, and will be paid starting at $10 a month for your first 12 payments and increasing every 12 payments by $10 a month. This provides a true path to freedom for anyone who can access the internet for 1 or 2 minutes a day.

Withdrawals will commence automatically after the first full month as an Active Elite member having paid the $100 out of pocket for all pools after the start date of the PPIP plan; or once you have completed 12 continuous months as an Active Elite member from the start of the PPIP plan, involving no out of pocket expense.

Examples: If the PPIP plan starts on August 1, 2023 (projected date not a guaranteed date) …

  • A new member joins August 10, 2023 and pays $100 in August. Withdrawals will commence at the end of September.
  • An existing member after August 1, 2023, at any level pays, $100 1st October, 2023. Withdrawals will commence 30th October, 2023 with any pre-existing Pool deposits returned to their PPIP Wallet.
  • Any existing Active Elite member prior to August 1, 2023 can simply retain status for 12 consecutive months and then will see withdrawals automatically commence without any additional contribution.
  • There is also a referral plan to activate withdrawals which is available to all Active Elite members. Each Active Elite member who pays the $100 will automatically also qualify their sponsor for withdrawals at the same time as their withdrawals commence.
  • There is no limit to the number of referrals that can be made and so if 5 referrals become qualified for withdrawals your personal withdrawals will be set at $50 a month, refer 10 and they will be at $100 a month. Note that these are not commissions, but enhanced withdrawals and subject to having sufficient balance in your PPIP Wallet.
  • Annual Withdrawal increases of $10 will only apply singly and so a member having referred 10 people for a $100 withdrawal limit will have an automatic increase to $110 after 12 months and $120 after another 12 months and so on.

Once you are an Active Elite member, whether qualified for withdrawals or not, you are eligible for our 2 optional Staking plans, providing additional PASSIVE INCOME.


Optional Passive Income Plan 1 – Stable Staking.

This plan has only one level at $100 and returns $20 a month, for the first 12 months, after a waiting period of 7 days. Withdrawals are automatically processed each month end and paid subject to a minimum of $20 with any lesser balance carried forward to the following month.

At the end of 12 fully completed months a bonus payment of $200 is made and withdrawals then increase to $50 a month for life. The bonus payment means that both your PPIP plan and Stable Stake plan become totally FREE! You are required to log in at least once a month to receive benefits…

Optional Passive Income Plan 2 – Secondary Staking.

This plan has a minimum entry level of $25 with optional increments of $25 each and no maximum. Once again there is a 7-day waiting period before staking becomes active.

For every $25 staked an additional $25 is added from your PPIP Wallet if you have sufficient funds, potentially doubling your stake and income. Each stake has a 5-year life span and pays 5% on the value staked which may also be enhanced by any Power of One Bonus applicable in the current month.

At the end of every 12 full months the value of your stake (not including the addition from your PPIP Wallet) multiplied by the number of years will be returned to you as a loyalty bonus, but you will continue to receive benefits as normal, making your stake totally free. These loyalty payments will occur in months 13 for 100%, 25 for 200%, 37 for 300% and so on for 5 years at which time your Stake will expire.

Income is calculated based on the number of days logging in…

  1. We Currently Offer 2 Active Income plans.

Easy Business Builder (EBB)

This is a plan with many features and 6 levels of participation based on monthly subscriptions and so creating recurring income. The levels are FREE, $2, $5, $10, $20, $40 and $100.

Active members are all eligible to participate and earn commissions and we even offer a “Success On A Plate” plan (S.O.A.P.) where participants are given Coupons each month that they can offer to prospects allowing them to join totally free as a paid member.

The higher the level of participation the greater the benefits and the more free coupons you have to give away.

Every Coupon you give away earns you $3 as soon as the user verifies their membership and becomes an Active member.

Simply by giving away your allocation of free Coupons each month you earn more than enough to pay your next months subscription regardless of your level.

This plan can assist anyone in building an existing business online or can be used as a main business with a very lucrative compensation plan.

To learn more, see the presentations here…



Poverty Crusher (PC)

This is a very low cost and highly effective advertising plan with ad packs at just $5 providing as many as 1,000 full page exposures of anything you choose to mainly buyers. That’s just half a cent for each exposure.

This has an amazing compensation plan which earns you cash commissions and more ad packs as you refer new participants. Designed as an active plan it can also be used passively and so may be classed a s a Hybrid plan, but will take time and patience to see passive rewards, unlike our true passive plans above.

One of the main features of promoting the Poverty Crusher is that it is the easiest way to increase your Power of One Bonus to 100% doubling all recurring commissions from this plan, the EBB, Secondary Staking payments and PPIP rewards and FREE Raffle prizes.

To get this doubling effect you only need to refer 5 people who buy at least 1 ad pack for just $5. It really does not get any easier than this!

To learn more, see the presentations here…


True Hybrid Plan – Turnkey Cash Cow (CC)

This is our flagship plan incorporating the best of everything.

It has true passive elements that will return you an income for life and will also build you income from both the EBB and PC plans mentioned above, through our massive advertising campaigns.

The actual contract period for the plan is 12 months with a modest guarantee to double your money in that time.

However, the benefits are far reaching and will continue for years in both passive and residual income. It can be 100% passive not requiring any activity from you; but you can also enhance your income and benefits by taking action when and how you choose without the pressure of having to make a profit to cover costs.

You will know that regardless of your efforts you can’t lose and will be guaranteed to win.

Just from the PPIP and Stable Staking your return on investment will be at least 28% in year one and no less than 42% in all subsequent years.

The likelihood is that this will be closer top 50% in year one and increase every year thereafter.

Returns from the sales in EBB, PC and CC are likely to produce an income in year one, well in excess of $5,000 with a total revenue easily exceeding $6,000 ignoring any efforts that you may make.

Subsequent years will see this growing on autopilot and this also ignores the strong possibility of creating additional multiple income streams.

Once you understand and start to experience the power of this plan you will know that the figures quoted above are really understated.

You can learn more here…