2 Low Cost High Incomes For 2017

2 Low Cost High Incomes For 2017

Low Cost Plans May Not Be The Fastest Way To
Make BIG Money Online….

But if well selected they are the best way for most people to get started and make a few thousand a month.

Here are 2 plans you can start for a total of under $110 and have the potential to make you pretty good cash.

The first is Profit Glitch which for a limited time you can get for just $97 once only lifetime payment.

I am not going into detail here as all the information is on the site but I will just tell you I joined December 23rd 2016 and below are screenshots of my income as of today…

Not bad for a once only $97 just a week ago! Why not join me?
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The second is GetPaidSocial which has been around for just over 12 months and has had some teething troubles but is now set to explode.

I have been a member since it started and made a couple of thousand dollars but now the potential is much greater and new investors have brought financial stability.

This is just $9 a month or $89 a year (saving $19) but I suggest you first read a copy of their latest email shown below and then visit the site by clicking here.

Hi Graham!

As we get ready to ring in the new year around the world, we at GPS wanted to wish you all a very happy, safe, joyous and extremely PROSPEROUS new year!

We are extremely excited and grateful to be part of your 2017 & beyond and wanted to let you know some of the incredibly powerful things we currently have in the works and things you have to look forward to as you plug in and actively participate in the GPS community.

Without giving up too much of “the goods” before we’re really ready, we had to let you know that our negotiations with our first call center which we will be bringing on board are finally completed!

This ONE contract alone will bring 5,000 – 10,000 tasks to our marketplace DAILY and will pay $.25 all the way up to $.75 or even $1.00!

We cannot encourage you enough to BUILD YOUR TEAM because I can PROMISE YOU THIS…those who build a team, will have their lives changed FOREVER because of this community.

Don’t want to build a team and just want to make a few extra hundred bucks a month? No worries! You will ABSOLUTELY, without question be able to do that by completing tasks in our marketplace!

Just imagine this for a second…

You refer just 10 people to our community.

Each of those 10 people complete just 100 (out of THOUSANDS available) of our upcoming, new GOLD tasks per day at an average of $.50 per reward.

$.50 x 100 = $50.00

Now…if you’re a PREMIUM member with us (which after seeing this, you will understand the importance of upgrading your membership) you will earn 80% of the transaction fee with held from each earned reward.

So in this example, we will with hold 20% of the $50.00 earned by each of your personally referred members ($10) and share 80% ($8.00) of it WITH YOU!

Do the math…

That’s $8.00 x 10 people = $80 PER DAY that you could potentially be setting yourself up to earn…

What if you referred more than 10 people and what if those you refer complete several hundred tasks per day?!

Now are you starting to see the big picture here?

Keep in mind…this is just one of the many exciting additions we have coming with the new year!

I’m not going to reveal EVERYTHING to you just yet, just know that if you’re not actively playing with us here…you are LOSING OUT.

For those of you who have pending withdraw requests still, we have been and will continue fulfilling those requests. Due to the holidays, we will resume payouts again on Tuesday January 3rd.

We are working through the payout requests as quickly as possible and they will be fulfilled in the order they came in.

PLEASE do not bog down our support team with inquiries about your pending requests!

Yes, we are behind due to the holidays…and YES we will get caught up 😉 Just hang tight, stay tuned, stay trusting and stay open. Those that do…will win BIG and everything you’ve bought into up to this point will all begin to take shape.

If you can’t be patient, kind and respectful, you will be removed from the community as to make room, space and energy for those who truly desire and deserve to receive the gift of this community.

In conclusion…let me just say this…

We are not going anywhere and every dime you have spent in this community, you can be rest assured you will receive everything promised and sold.

The community is ACTIVE!
We are PAYING!

The question is…ARE YOU?

If you’re a lifetime member…congrats! Your membership is safe and secure.
If you’re a founding partner…congrats! Your decision will soon start paying off big time and you will start to see those rewards come the first of this new year.
If you’re a premium monthly or annual member…congrats! You are positioned just where you need to be.
If you’re a free member still…get off the fence my friend. Now is the time.  You do not want to miss out on what’s to come, so make sure you UPGRADE IMMEDIATELY!

We are really looking forward to cleaning up the past so that we can move forward positively and powerfully together in 2017 & beyond!

Thank you again for your business and participation in our community.

Here’s to an incredibly joyous, peaceful and prosperous new year!

Jeff Long
CEO & Founder
Get Paid Social, LLC

Redpoint Rack, LLC
d/b/a Getpaid Social
15403 Foster Drive North Hugo, MN 55038


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