Why I Quit Empower Network and MOBE

Why I Quit Empower Network and MOBE After Making Tens of Thousands of Dollars

by Graham

To suggest that anyone can make money online by selling high ticket Why I Quit Empower Network and MOBEitems such as those found in MOBE and Empower Network is like suggesting that anyone can be a Michael Jordan. To be a top professional in sport is the same opportunity for everyone but very few actually make the grade. It takes not just dedication and hard work, it also takes special God given talent!

However, if you have an unstoppable desire you can get you close.

As an example although I only possessed average talent I rose from the ranks of Junior Rugby to International status based on desire, effort and the ongoing support of the team around me.


Business is just the same. Very few have the natural talent to build large organisations or sell high ticket items and so create large incomes and yet the 2 "business models" I have quit (Empower Network & MOBE sometimes known as MTTB) both sell high ticket items that the buyers do not need and in many cases cannot afford. They are sold by promising the buyers that they will make huge incomes by selling the same "products" to others and in most cases that is simply not true.


So is there hope for the "average" online marketer?

The answer is yes provided they....

  • have an unstoppable desire

  • are prepared to work

  • are surrounded by a supportive team

  • are involved in a proven system.

If you have the desire and work ethic we can provide the rest AND guarantee your success, so now please watch the short video below......

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