Ponzi Or Not?

Ponzi Or Not?

Site was down – now back but still not paid last 2 requests….

Fortunately my No.1 site has been paying out for 3 years and still pays me daily so the $250 I may have lost here I will soon recoup from Westland Storage!

This is paying very high rates and can be started with just $15 of Bitcoins which will earn you a 20% ROI in just 10 days.

Payments are made hourly at 0.5% equating to 12% a day.

Investing $500 pays an amazing 1.5% hourly equating to 36% a day and so doing better than breaking even in just 3 days.

Withdrawals can be made at any time and are currently being paid promptly….

This may be a Ponzi but who knows in todays world?

Best strategy, if you are prepared to gamble, depends on how much you can “invest” but aim to get your “stake” back as soon as possible and then play with your profits.

$75 invested will give you $18 profit in 10 days ($93 total) and then you can invest that $18 with no worries.

$500 invested will give you a $40 profit in just 3 days and continue paying out for a further 17 days with a total profit of $3,100.

This may be gone in an hours time or may be around in a few years time; I don’t know and nor does anyone else!

But in the short term you could make substantial gains that can be re-invested in other plans spreading the load…

Check it out here

Registration is FREE and without obligation

Just to let you know, I put in $15 31st Aug and $500 4th September. I have received $165.90 at the time of this update (18:19 Sept 5th) and have drawn $82 of that paid within a couple of hours. I will sit and wait now till Saturday when I will withdraw an additional $433 which will mean I have all my money back and so can only profit. I will update this post once I receive my $433 in my Blockchain wallet.


I just requested (9:34 Sept 6th) an additional $183 aand when paid will reduce my “risk” to just $250. I will post the time of payment here once received.

RECEIVED September 6 2018 @ 1:32 PM

To: My Bitcoin Wallet
From: 1HNbxFUkpZBNmADZaabCibcDTfVzqsdCgL

CoinsByHour $183 Transaction Confirmed $183.37

I just requested (6:38 Sept 7th) an additional $150 aand when paid will reduce my “risk” to just $100 in just 2 days! I will post the time of payment here once received.


I just requested (19:50 Sept 7th) an additional $100 and if both above are paid will eliminate my “risk”  (having withdrawn in full my investment) in under 3 days! I will post the time of payment here if received.


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