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I want to let you know that what I'm about to reveal you may not want to hear....

its the truth that most people won't tell you.

I also want you to understand that I'm not knocking any company or system; in fact I've made millions of dollars from MLM, affiliate and network marketing with a variety of companies, so I'm proof that these systems and opportunities can work.

The problem is that they do not work for the vast majority of participants.

All opportunities are by law required to make income disclaimers and most simply say in so many words, "You get what you earn!"

Few actually furnish and figures or statistics and I applaud those who are brave enough to do so. However, when these are available they can be misleading if not fully understood.

Take the example below from a very popular and well respected, by most, opportunity. It is an opportunity that claims to do the selling for you and all you need do to be a success is add leads into your company provided funnel and let the system take over for you. They will train and call your leads to make sales for you. Easy right! ??

picwin incomes

The first thing to notice is that the table is from 2015 and has not been updated. Why? I expect because, as is normal, the longer an opportunity runs the more damning the statistics become and so these are probably the best results they can show.

Next the all important bit at the bottom that says someone who signs up and maintains their subscription; so the figures do not include people who joined and then dropped out disappointed after 3 to 6 months which is the average time span. I have no figures to say how many people that would be in this opportunity, but in most it will be over 60% and if that would apply in this example the figure would be as follows.

The above figures are still above the national average but in all probability much more realistic with less than 2% becoming top earners and over 73% making little or no income!

Income not profit - this table does not take into account cash spent; so there is a good chance that many people actually make a loss!

Remember this is a top paying company with better than average success rates!

What this should tell you is what I know, after over 40 years of making money in the home business industry, and that is, "that in traditional home business opportunities 95% of participants fail"!

You may be a winner and get into the top 2%, as I have on numerous occasions, but the odds are stacked against you and that is why I no longer promote any traditional opportunities. I still buy products from some of the companies I have promoted in the past, but only because I like the products and for no other reason!

So how can you win? 

There is a new wave of solid programs where you can make small investments and these will guarantee you a profit. I'm not talking about the here today gone tomorrow ponzies that always have and always will proliferate even though they are illegal!

I'm talking about bona fide ways to invest with established organisations that pay on time every time and pay extremely good interest rates. Interest based on valid business operations where you provide venture capital that experts can turn into big profits and pay you a percentage.

In these plans everyone wins without the need to make sales or referrals or surf countless sites daily for peanuts.

Everyone makes a profit!

Many are also linked to lucrative compensation plans for making referrals if you wish; and why wouldn't you want to recommend something guaranteed to pay off to friends and family. I'm not talking about selling unwanted pills and potions, or such like, at inflated prices.

I'm talking about saying to people I invested $100 a year ago and its now worth $400, would that interest you?

And that can be a modest return. There are plans where that same $100 could be worth over $3,500 in a years time.

How do you avoid the scams?

In the same way as you would with any traditional opportunity.

Avoid start ups - if something is good it will still be good in 6 months time and most scams last only 3 to 6 months. So ignore the "get in at the top" hype unless you know the people behind the plan and trust them.

There will always be risks so be prepared to take a risk but be sensible and don't use your rent money. Only use cash that you can lose and recover from. Often this is stated as cash you can afford to lose, but few can afford to lose cash so just minimize the risk by doing some due diligence investigations; afford in this case means, "will not destroy you financially"!

Remember that even cash in the bank is at risk despite having government insurance. $100 invested in a bank account today is almost certain to be worth less in a years time even if you are paid interest. Inflation will see to that!

Someone or some company that has been around for a few years may be a safer bet than a new company even if that established entity is creating a new plan.

For me I have found several solid plans but someone I have known for a few years has become my real savior and is helping so many people climb from desperation into affluence and I invite you to join with us. Click below to learn more...

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