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Making Money Online – Your 7 Month Plan

Making Money Online – Your 7 Month Plan

You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try. ~ Beverly Sills – 1929-2007, Operatic Soprano

Its a fact that the rich get richer without breaking a sweat while the poor get poorer even though they work hard every day.

Look around you and you’ll see its true!

I bet you know hundreds, maybe even thousands of hard working men and women who struggle financially, and you’re probably among them!

Now look for the really wealthy people you know or see and consider how hard they work. Some will work very hard and have little time to enjoy their wealth – I know I’ve been there!

But the really successful people have found a way to make money doing almost nothing so they have the time to enjoy life, doing what they want when they want. This is what I call a Success Lifestyle!

There is a secret to having a true success lifestyle and its not about working harder or ‘doing what others won’t do for 5 years so you can have what others don’t have.’

But you do need a proven plan and you do need to leverage the efforts of others. I’m not talking about building a massive MLM business where you earn a tiny commission for everyone in your group. Most people in an MLM do not make money so why leverage their efforts?

I’m talking about being smart and leveraging the effort of successful people!

I don’t want to get into a long presentation here I just want to give you a proven step by step system that WILL generate you a massive ROI (Return On Investment).Yes you need to put in to get out – it’s one of the immutable rules for life!

So if you’re looking for a free lunch – keep looking and I wish  you the best of luck. I’ve been around for a long time and in the Home Business industry for 40 years and in all that time I’ve only known of 1 person who started with nothing and made it big and even he was staked by his sponsor!

If you are serious about making money the way the rich make money and owning a true success lifestyle then you will need to put some skin in the game! What stops most people dead in their tracks at this point is FEAR!

You see the poor think about how much will it cost and what if I lose, where the rich think of how much can I make and how can I raise the cash to get involved.

A few years ago there was a used jumbo jet for sale. Most people looked and said it will cost too much and what could I do with it? One person looked at and said, “How many people can I get in there and how much can I make from that?” He came up with a plan and despite horrendous difficulties, and almost going bust Virgin Atlantic was born. Yes that man was Richard Branson and he saw opportunity where others saw cost.

So I want you to set aside fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of ridicule from their peers that may hold you back. Fear has killed more dreams before they even get started than anything else so why not make that fear work for you instead of against you? Why not be afraid of what you will lose if you don’t take action now?

And to make it easier for you I am going to remove 100% of the risk!


Ok! It’s a 7 month plan designed to make you $20,000 or more in that time,

Can you imagine what an extra $20,000 in your bank account would do for you in 7 months time? As I post this on my blog that would be just in time for Christmas.

Would that make the Christmas a bit Merrier and the New Year look more Prosperous?

But it doesn’t stop there! It will have ongoing recurring income and your profits will keep growing month after month year after year. 

Now you are probably asking yourself 3 questions; “What do I have to do? Can I do it? and What will it cost?”

The last question is back to the wrong mentality and should instead be, “How much can I make because that’s what will it cost me if I don’t do this?” But I’ll answer all your questions….

All you have to do is make an investment in yourself so its something anyone can do! You don’t need special skills, you don’t need special knowledge, you can be from any background and of any legal age.

This is a true business that WILL make you wealthy regardless of who you are or what you have or have not done before!

It WILL offer you a True Success Lifestyle where you WILL be able to do what you want, when you want, why you want and with whoever you want!

That is what you want isn’t it?

It is a business so we can’t guarantee exactly how much you will make even though we expect it to be in excess of $20,000 but we are so confident in our ability that we WILL GUARANTEE you at least $10,000 in 7 months!

I talked about leverage before and we will be leveraging the skills of my friend Tich, one of the most brilliant marketers I have ever known in my long career. He will be generating income and making sales for you and this is TRUE Leverage because its from an expert with a 10+ year track record of sustained success.

So here are the steps you need to take for a guaranteed minimum ROI of 340% in 7 months

  1. Join The Freedom Formula its 100% free

  2. Set up a BitCoin account (if you already have one skip this step)

  3. Invest $1,000 (or more) at 20% a month interest

  4. Re-invest your principal and interest each month for 7 months

  5. Each month for the 7 months participate in a special co-op advertising run by Tich $200 a month

  6. In month 3 (earlier if you wish) make a $297 upgrade to your Freedom Formula account to receive 30% interest on your investments

  7. Months 4, 5, 6 and 7 there will be a $75 a month recurring fee for your upgraded membership.

Now for those of you serious enough to have stayed here to this point I want to show you how and why we can offer you a Guaranteed $10,000 and how we actually project a 800% ROI in just 7 months! (I talk you through this in the video)

Worst case scenario is you pass this up and stay struggling for time or cash or both!

Next worst case scenario is we fail to get you an income of $10,000 and so pay you the difference and you make a $7,000 PROFIT!

Best case scenario is you start living your dream success lifestyle – The Choice Is Yours!


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