You can join the Vortic United $10k Group here now.

We are hoping to place our deposit as a group duing the week commencing15th January 2023 (Probably on the 17th or 18th to give people time to complete their payment, subject to receipt of funds from the payment processors) and once placed the opportunity will be closed until we make our first reinvestment.

If you can comfortably manage it I suggest you also join Vortic with your own account for $50 so that you can benefit from the amazing referral income available. You can register with Vortic free here

Deposits can be made in any amount in multiples of $10 and we will accept card payments or crypto; links below…

IMPORTANT: Once you have completed your payment please complete the form here to allow us to confirm and correctly assign your funds.

Payment By Card

Payment BY Crypto

Use the button below for payments of $100 to $900

Use the buton below for payments of $10 to $90


NOTE: If unable tp pay using CoinPayments please email for a direct link for payment to our WSA Wallet.