Introducing “The Dumb Little System……That Stuffs Your Inbox With $10 To $90 Commissions.”

by Graham

This system is not for sale!

BUT....if you like having fun making money online, then you have to read on....

As an MFE Founder's Club member, you have a hidden gem inside of your member area (in addition to your MyFunnelIncome system)...

It's your featured free bonus income system, called the 'Dumb Little System' - DLS for short.

DLS is a website that you can replicate and plug your affiliate links into.

But it's not just your typical sales funnel.

DLS has a built in referral system very similar to the one built into your MFE  (MyFunnelEmpire) system...

And it's working really well for me!

About 75% of what you see here is DLS income (in just one of my many Clickbank


...Notice how my income spikes way up on the 24th? That's the day I started sending traffic into my own DLS site...

The same site YOU can replicate instantly.

Just go to your 'Bonuses' page inside your MFE Founder's Club account to get set up.

DLS monetization is FREE, but only because you're an MFE Founder.

You can start promoting DLS right away and you could even be making money same day,
like I did. No guarantee obviously, but it works great and it's super fun.

Of course, you still want to make MFE your main priority...

But one of many things you could do is place an ad for your DumbLittleSystem website as a 'P.S.' after your follow up emails for MFE (you have ready made follow up messages in your MFE back office).

Here's a little 'P.S. ad' you could use:


P.S. This 'Dumb Little System' Stuffs My Inbox
With True Autopilot $10-90 Commissions...

[ Your DLS website link here ]


...With a 'P.S. ad' like this, you're promoting both MFE and DLS at the same time. Definitely something to experiment with.

And there you have it!

I know I mentioned your bonuses before, including DLS.

But DLS is a brand new system that co-launched with MFE, and I really wanted to put the spotlight on it since it's one of the coolest bonuses you're ever going to receive online.

Imo it's the 'next best thing' to your MyFunnelEmpire system, and is alone worth more than the cost of MFE Founder's Club membership.

Anyhow, that's it for today.

Have lots of fun with DLS!

AND If you're not yet one of the Founder's, click here.

Shhh!! Don't tell anyone but....
I'll give you a fully operational DLS website just for taking another look at MyFunnelEmpire, but this offer will only last the next few days!


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